Be comfortable to breathe again

Be comfortable to breathe again

To properly fit a mask to your face, it should first be covering both your mouth and your nose. This is definitely more uncomfortable than just covering ones mouth with the face mask, because you are breathing back in some of the exhaled air.

Some sacrifices must be made in the name of safety!

However, there is one thing that you can do.

Tea Tree Oil can be used as hand sanitizer and chemical-free mouthwash, also can help for extra freshness when you simply add a few drops onto your mask! Plus, inhaling Tea Tree Oil helps for those with colds and flues.

Tea tree oil has antiviral properties that have proven to be effective against common pathogens. A 2001 study trusted source found that a combination of Tea Tree Oil worked effectively against the herpes simplex virus. They also found that Tea Tree Oil could prevent the spread of influenza.

In recent decades, its popularity has grown in other areas of the world as an alternative and complementary treatment. Today, tea tree oil is commonly found in cosmetics, topical medicines, and household products.


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