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I still remember the scent of .....

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But do you know that, SCENT also can improve your health and promote wellness lifestyle!

rose geranium essential oil drop

Essential oil

"Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally,"  You can apply them directly onto your skin, inhaling, or use through a diffuser."





Lymphatic massage

Oils that soothe tight muscles and increase circulation include lemon grass, lavender, and swiss pine.






Calm your emotion - rose geranium








Sensuous body massage - passion fruit, osmanthus.

100% Natural (1)PAI Osmanthus essential oil is blended with premium carrier oil which can directly apply to skin.  Osmanthus oil scent that is reminiscent of peaches and apricots. In addition to being fruity and sweet, it has a slightly floral, smoky scent. The oil itself has a yellowish to golden brown color and typically has a medium viscosity. It takes approximately 7000 pounds of Osmanthus flowers to extract just 35 ounces of the oil, so it is quite a costly oil.


Diffused in the air using a cool mist humidifier, Osmanthus Oil may be beneficial to provide concentration and reduce stress when meditating. The scent is often considered to be relaxing and assuring, allowing for relief from mental fatigue, stress, exhaustion, and even depression.

Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Mist Diffuser-Vase Wood Grain










Those who are struggling with low libido or other sex related problems may find that Osmanthus works well as an aphrodisiac. Used topically with a carrier oil, Osmanthus may work well to reduce problems with temporary impotency, lack of sexual desire, and other concerns.

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bath tub

Essential oils dropped in a bath will induce relaxation and lift spirits. Put 5 to 10 drops of the oil of your choice in the bath water. However, for sensitive skin, the oil can be diluted in the base oil.



There is nothing like a relaxing foot bath using essential oils. Four drops of PAI peppermint essential oil added to a large basin of water will bring those tired feet back to life.

pai peppermint essenEssential oils are also effective for treating insomnia or inducing a peaceful night's sleep. Put a few drops of PAI Lavender essential oil to diffuser, let the mist out and aroma the room.
pai essential oil lavender






Natural from Mother Earth

PAI Essential oils are derived from the distillation of leaves, stems, flowers, bark, and roots of plants. They can affect the body's physiological system directly or indirectly.

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  1. I buy this for my cousin's wedding gift last week. She said the carrier oil & essential oil are good grade and she likes the smell of the lotion as well. 5 STARS!!!
  2. PAI
    Thank you for your support!
  3. Bought the Calm & Relax essential oil last month and apply a few drops on my skin everyday before bedtime. I do experience more moisture skin now and the natural scent put me to a good sleep. Love it & will buy again!