Keep your hair healthy


Keep your hair healthy ? By now, it’s no secret that the ticket to healthy hair starts with the scalp. When your scalp is laden with lingering dead skin cells and product buildup, it makes it much harder for your hair to grow and thrive properly. This is why, in the last year alone, we’ve seen more hair-care brands come out with targeted treatments for the scalp, including exfoliating shampoos, detox sprays, and, most recently, scalp massagers.

If you’ve ever had a scalp massage, you no doubt recall how relaxing it felt. Besides easing stress and tension, there’s also buzz around scalp massages being able to promote hair growth. Also help in:

Relaxation – Head massagers help relieve tensed muscles, reduce headaches, and provide deep relaxation. This, in turn, can treat migraines and several sleep disorders. Head massage at night will be more effective.

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