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Essential Oil Lifestyle

I still remember the scent of ..... L O V E   But do you know that, SCENT also can improve your health and promote wellness lifestyle! Essential oil "Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally,"  You can apply them directly onto your skin, inhaling, or use through a diffuser."  …
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Percussion Sports Massager

Percussion Sports Massager, the nodes releases vibration which can be manipulated depending on the settings used and the weighted massaging head allows the users to experience a deep massage. This perfect combination lets users feel relief on their soreness as their muscles are healed faster. Watch how the Pro Video Reviewer - Robert Veach comments…
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Aroma Diffuser 芳香加湿器

Aroma Diffuser 加湿器的作用 进入现代工程设计,良好的环境带给人体和产品的益处,库房,办公室和家庭中环境的控制越来越受到人们的重视。比如:室内干燥,空气湿度达不到标准湿度(40%RH-60%RH),干燥的环境会导致水分流失,加速生命的衰老。加湿器能创造理想的室内湿度,呵护家人的健康。三种基本的环境控制方法:1.空气的质量,2.温度,3.相对湿度。相对湿度最容易被忽视,适当的相对湿度控制对工作效率也是重要因素之一。 一般情况下,温度最能够直接影响人们对生活环境的感受。同样,湿度也会对人们生活、健康造成影响。随着人们生活水平提高,空调广泛使用,导致皮肤紧绷、口舌干燥、咳嗽感冒等空调病的滋生。科学证明,空气湿度与人体健康以及日常生活有着密切的联系。医学研究表明,居室温度达到45~65%RH,温度在20~25度时,人的身体、思维皆处以最佳状态,无论工作、休息都可收到理想的效果。 (more…)
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