How Essential oil Diffuser against all form of virus, pathogen and Bacteria?

Aromatic treatments suggested for home users

Influenza particles can spread by airborne droplets, close contact with an infected person, and contact with objects contaminated with the virus (Tesini 2018). Influenza particles can remain viable on objects for up to 48 hours (CDC), so effective sterilization of objects is an important step in preventing the spread of influenza.

Based on the in vitro study,  use essential oil for 15 seconds is a fast and effective method to eliminate airborne influenza droplets within 15 minutes. These essential oils are considered safe for use with most people, and do not contain chemical constituents that are membrane irritants. To increase efficacy, users could use Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser or nebulizer with a few drops of essential oil in a confined space, such as a closed bedroom. Following each treatment, the room should be aired out by opening a window to allow residual essential oils to leave, and to get fresh air into the room.


  • Purification and disinfection of the air against all forms of virus, pathogens and bacteria
  • Sets the mood and impact for aromatherapy
  • A focus of energy and concentration of positive health aura
  • Tangible reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Spreading the sweet fragrance inside and outside the home


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