Into the modern lifestyle, a good environment to bring the benefits of the human body draw more and more people's attention. For example: indoor dry, air humidity can not reach the standard humidity (40% RH-60% RH), dry environment will lead to water loss, accelerate the aging of life. Humidifier can create the ideal indoor humidity, care of family health. Three basic environmental control methods: 1. Air quality, 2. Temperature, 3. Relative humidity. Relative humidity is most likely to be overlooked, and proper relative humidity control corresponds to the plant's energy efficiency and efficiency as one of the important factors.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature can directly affect people's feelings on the living environment. Similarly, the humidity will also affect people's lives and health. With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioning widely used, resulting in tight skin, dry tongue, cough and other cold air conditioning disease breeding. Scientific proof, air humidity and human health and daily life are closely linked. Medical research shows that the room temperature reaches 45 ~ 65% RH, the temperature of 20 to 25 degrees, the human body, thinking are at the best condition, regardless of work, rest can receive the desired results.

In fact, the humidifier mist diffuser also has a lot of benefits, such as plus a few drops of vinegar in the humidifier can reach the purpose of killing bactericidal effect. At night, in the humidifier drop some lavender essential oil, can improve the quality of sleep. Besides this, proper humidification in the room can maintain the wooden furniture is not deformed,  newly painted wall is not cracking and so on.

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