Cold Hot Vacuum Blackhead Remover

Cold Hot Vacuum Blackhead Remover


With four suction heads, strong suction, can direct access to deep pore, prevent the regenerating suction of the angle plug about 25% UP(about 40KPa-50KPa).Accelerate the rapid removal of acne blackheads, simply remove dirt from the pore of the face.

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Product Description

Portable cold and hot blackhead remover face cleaner
Product type : sharemerry-SC488
Charging voltage/current : DC 5V 1A
Battery specification : polymer lithium battery, 3.7V, 750mAh
Rated power : 5W
Product material : ABS
Warm temperature : 40±2℃
Freezing temperature : decreasing amplitude≥15℃
Vacuum degree : ≤-55kpa
Product size : 172*42*56.5mm
Product weight : 180g



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