Nano Ion Spray

Nano Ion Spray


1.Nanometer class hydration: apply ultrasonic vibration
technology to pelletize the toner and divide it into 0.3一0.5 u
which can distribute onto skin surface with a better absorption.
Prevent skin cell lack water, reduce skin wrinkle.Balance water
and oily of skin, prevent and remove acne.

2. 1.6MHz ultrasonic vibration make ultra fine particles touching
every inch of skin , penetrate into the stratum corneum, keep the
skin moisture, because the water molecules have been converted
into ultra fine particles, you don’t worry swap make up



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Product Description

1. Material: ABS
2. Color: gold/white
3. Size: 138x46x18mm mm
4. Water tank volume: 11ml
5. NW: 100g
6. Power supply: USB charging
7. Input: 5V
8. Output: 1A
9. Power bank capacity: 3000mA
10. Switch time: slide
11. Spray volume:2ml/min
12. Spray Diameter:0.3um
13. Charging voltage: DC5V/500mA-1000mA
14. Liqud for spray: Water or diluted toner
15. Function: moisturizing, whitening, skin tightening, charging for mobile, and so on.
16. Certificates: CE, ROHS

Operation Instruction
Step 1 : open the water tank: push down the water tank switch button to open the water tank
Step 2: add liquid, fill the bottle (included in the package) with liquid; then open the water tank and pull out the plug; fill the liquid into the water tank.
Step 3 :cover the plug and the water container, sway the sprayer a few time( as the water container may have air inside after adding liquid)
Step 4: spray, hold the sprayer vertically and keep it about 15cm far from your face; push down the sliding cap switch and start to spray.


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