Purifying And Cleansing Instrument

Purifying And Cleansing Instrument


The electric facial cleansing brush can remove the blackhead from the roots by micro-seismic technology, tight pores and prevent the rebirth of the blackhead.With a rotating speed of 300-500 times per minutes and 360 degree rotating brush head,the soft brush can appropriate skin and gentle deep clean pores so as to clean face oil and dirt deeply.

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Product Description

Purifying And Cleansing Instrument
Size : 19.7x5.6x5.6CM
Weight : 210.5g
Replaceable brush head : Yes

Silicone brush head: High quality silicone material, specifically designed for
neutral and oily skin, perfectly attach onto skin, a large area of clean oil skin
and massage skin.

Purifying facial cleansing brush: PBT material brush head, suitable for every
kind of skin using, deep cleaning of pore dirt.

Sensitive and gentle brush head: fine and smooth bristles, the average length
of bristles increases by about 50% than common bristles for sensitive skin
design. The average length of bristles increased by about 50% design for the
sensitive skin. Delicately, softly and deeply cleaning, without damaging the
sebum of the skin.

Operation Instructions
1. Choose a suitable brush head,and then fixed to the connection point
2. Apply the cleanser on the face then wet the brush head with water or wet the brush head with liquid facial cleanser.Do not use a dry brush head to clean your face,or it will stimulate the skin.
3. Press the power switch to turn on the instrument.
4. Using the facial brush circle counterclockwise to clean your skin ,from the chin,move upward along the lower jaw to the ear,and then gradually clean the upper area until you clean whole cheek.
5. Press the switch 1s to switch the intensity.
6. Turn off the power after using the device.



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