Silicone Facial Cleaning Device

Silicone Facial Cleaning Device

Unique Features:

  • Deep clean skin into 0.05mm, clean skin thoroughly without leaving any dirt and residual cosmetics
  • Deep cleansing unblock pores and reduce their appearance,refining and smoothing your skin’s texture
  • Food grade silicone material, very soft and no hurt to skin, stuiable for all type of skin.
  • 1200 mAh battery, long battery life, if fully charged, can be used for about 7 months
  • IPX7 waterproof, whole body complete waterproof, easy to clean and store

Product Description

Product size: 12*6.6*4CM
Product weight: 156g
Material: ABS+food silicone
Power supply: 5V 1A
Feature: IPX7 waterproof
Battery Capacity : 3.7V,1200mAh

  • 7800RPM high frequency vibration massage skin, remove skin grease,dirt and residual makeup; Exfoliating gently
  • Tighten skin and promote subsequent skincare absorptivity
  • Fit face perfectly; Gently and completely cleansing;
  • Waterproof design:Completely waterproof charging hole, soft food silicone, suitable to all type of skin.


How to Use:

1. Remove all makeup first, then wet the brush and dampen your face, apply your face cleanser.
2. Turn on the brush and gently glide it in circular motions over your face.
3. Rinse and dry your face. Apply your favorite skincare products.
4. Wash this facial cleansing brush, and keep it dry.


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