Mr. Wong is having numbness in feet comes with prickling pain, called Tingling in Feet. Many times tingling in the feet can feel like pins and needles. This is generally painless and similar to the sensation of the foot falling “asleep”. That made him reluctant to go out and walk.

The pins and needles sensation is easily corrected by allowing blood flow to the affected area and reducing any pressure that may be restricting the nerves.The symptom can be improved by using massage therapy. He tried Oreadex Sports Massager OD820, which gives him powerful percussion vibration released from massagers, it loosens the tightest muscles and helps the him get back on his usual routine. Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager is actually designed in a way that it can be placed at any part of the body where pain is present. This makes it more versatile than other massage tools because strained muscles can be healed without asking for any assistance. Additionally, the settings in a percussion massager is easy to understand and can be customized according to the person’s needs. It is IPX6 waterproof, you can flash it with water after used.

After 10 mins massage by using Oreadex Sport Massager, Mr Wong felt lesser numbness at his feet. The uncomfortable and disruptive condition has significant improved.

massaging with Oreadex Sport Massager

10 min later

Oreadex sport massager

OD820 Oreadex® Sport Massager

Mr Wong, Elderly with tingling in feet