Cordless Electric Scalp Massager Oreadex OD860 for Head Spa –...

Cordless Electric Scalp Massager Oreadex OD860 for Head Spa –...

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Cordless Electric Scalp Massager Oreadex OD860

  • Massager claw move in 3D path, they can massage your scalp and body by traditional way as kneading.
  • IPX7 professional waterproof, you can use in shower, bathtub and swimming pool.
  • Cordless charging, more convenient. Use charging base which is much safer.
  • Massage scalp can help hair grow healthier
  • Soft massage claw make your scalp and body feel like human finger massaging



Product Description

Cordless Electric Scalp Massager can make a break your salon experience, it’s the reason you may tip a little more than usual and it may be the only thing better than walking out with what feels like a new head of hair. Not only does a scalp massage feel great, it also can use to massage full body. Unfortunately, people typically only experience the soothing effects of a scalp massage every 4-6 weeks…if that. Since the benefits are so great why not receive them more often?

Oreadex Scalp Massager increasing blood flow to your scalp stimulates the hair follicle – perfect for people looking to increase the length of their locks. Boosting circulation at the roots can promote and positively impact hair growth. It’s simple! A happy, healthy scalp provides the best environment to produce healthy hair.

Oreadex Scalp Massager 4-Finger Spiral movement on your scalp, increase the production of endorphins and serotonin which help reduce stress and create a calming effect. The result? A better mood! A five minute scalp massage, whether in your shower, bath or even before bed, helps you relax and encourages healthy hair growth.

Oreadex Scalp Massager use as a Scalp Care Brush which increase blood flow helps the follicle absorb nutrients, it is an effective way to deliver proteins, amino acids and natural extracts directly to the root.

How else can you spend just five minutes and improve the health of your hair and scalp, reduce stress AND improve your mood? Oreadex Scalp Massager has also been known to reduce pain associated with headaches, alleviate dry scalp and dandruff, and even increase the rate of hair growth.


  • Size:98 *98* 130mm
  • Product Weight : 384g
  • Material: ABS + silicon
  • Cordless
  • Waterproof : IPX7 (Wet/ Dry Use)
  • Output power: 5V1A
  • Power: 5W
  • Color available: Pink , Red, Blue, Green












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5 reviews for Cordless Electric Scalp Massager Oreadex OD860 for Head Spa –...

  1. 5 out of 5


    Worth to buy, very good

  2. 5 out of 5


    Portable & waterproof. I enjoy using it.

  3. 4 out of 5


    Yay…Just got it! I can do head spa at home!!!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Fast delivery. I received the goods the next day.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I just got it last week. Good quality hair care beauty tool. Value for money and it is so useful to me. Highly recommended!

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