Oreadex EMS (Microcurrent) Eyes Massager ( PAI-OD910)-(FOC Massage Pillow)



Oreadex EMS (Microcurrent) Eyes Massager Features:

  • Activating cells and stimulating collagen contraction by micro current and gold ion, improving the penetrability of active ingredient in dermis.
  • High frequency vibration can accelerate microcirculation, absorb the active ingredients effectively and spread it equably among cell to cell, nourish the skin around eyes.
  • 2 level of heating compress , warm skin around eyes, provide a better metabolism and accelerate expansion of blood vessel , relax nerves relieve pressure.



Massager Pillow  – worth $49

massage pillowTravel in comfort with the vibrating neck massage pillow that gently massages your neck and shoulders with the press of a button.

Perfect for Home, Travel, in your Car Auto Minivan especially on long trips with kids in the back, so that they can relax in comfort while traveling.

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Product Description

Oreadex EMS (Microcurrent) Eyes Massager


  • Power: AC 110-240V, DC 5V 1A
  • Max Power: 2W
  • Product Size: 37* 31* 155mm
  • Product Weight: 142g
  • Battery Capacity : 1200mAh
  • Material: ABS + Metal
  • Color: Pink, Blue, White


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