deep percussion massager
Deep percussion massager
Oreadex Sport Massager
Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager (PAI-MA-OD820)

Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager (PAI-MA-OD820)

4.5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


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  • Delivers deep, penetrating percussion massage to thighs, calves, shoulders ,hips wherever you need, OD820 Sport Massager delivers the best for you.
  •  Oreadex Massager is FDA qualified , safe and reliable. Helps alleviate muscle pain and accelerate and muscle recovery after sports.
  • Cordless make it really portable. You can enjoy massaging wherever you are, take It out or use in any place at home
  • Professional waterproof IPX5 level, can let you massage in shower on wet body after sport. Completely convenient
  • Separate point-contact charging base, much safer than traditional wire charging. BSI approved power adaptor works with both 110-120v & 220-240v electric outlet.


Oreadex Percussion Sport Massager PAI-MA-OD820


  • Output Power: 30w
  • Working voltage: 12v
  • Size: 150*94.5*174.5mm
  • Material: ABS + Silicon
  • One year limited warranty


Product Description

Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager  (PAI-MA-OD820)

One of the innovative massage tools in the market are percussion massager.  Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager, the nodes releases vibration which can be manipulated depending on the settings used and the weighted massaging head allows the users to experience a deep massage. This perfect combination lets users feel relief on their soreness as their muscles are healed faster.

Since there is a powerful vibration released from percussion massagers, it loosens the tightest muscles and helps the person get back on his/her usual routine. Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager is actually designed in a way that it can be placed at any part of the body where pain is present. This makes it more versatile than other massage tools because strained muscles can be healed without asking for any assistance. Additionally, the settings in a percussion massager is easy to understand and can be customized according to the person’s needs.

Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager gives several health benefits to users. It relaxes stiff muscles and relieves pain. It also minimizes anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and even digestive disorders. Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager can also be used by the entire family so everyone can take advantage on this percussion massager.

Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager is easier to hold and you feel balanced whenever it is used. A well designed percussion massager should not provide some levels of difficulty and fatigue. Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager allows an individual to massage his/her own body. Since it is made with a lightweight material, one can take advantage on it by placing the massager nodes on the affected area. These nodes will vibrate and penetrate the deep tissues of strained muscles, causing it to relax and provide relief to the person.

Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager is very convenient to use. By just placing it on the affected area, one can already get the quality of massage that spas offer. It also provides health benefits like promote blood circulation, relief on joint pain, insomnia, headaches and digestive disorders.



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2 reviews for Oreadex Percussion Sports Massager (PAI-MA-OD820)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Baru dapat semalam.
    Small but powerful, syok!!!

  2. 4 out of 5


    I am a sport man and always suffer muscle cramp & pain when I over stretch my body. Out of my surprise, this handy portable deep tissue massager produces very strong massage sensation and able to ease my pain & discomfort. Amazing!

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